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Jailer/Deputy Jailer In-Service Training
Nov. 5 - 6, 2020 
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The KACo Safety & Loss Control Department is committed to assisting all members of the KACo All Lines Fund (KALF) and the KACo Workers' Compensation Fund to identify, address and correct adverse loss exposures to personal injuries, liability exposures and property losses.

The knowledge and expertise necessary to identify and control risks are not normally part of a county government's (or political subdivision of a county government's) core ability. KACo, KALF and the KACo Workers' Compensation Fund provide a reliable and efficient alternative to in-house resources for safety and loss control management. The services offered through the Safety & Loss Control program were created to make communities safer and save counties money by limiting losses and lowering premium dollars.

In addition, KACo provides an online sample administrative code, including a detailed Personnel Chapter that can be used when reviewing or amending your existing Administrative Code or Employee Handbook.


Services offered

  • Loss Exposure Surveys
  • MILO (Fire Arms) Simulator
  • Defensive Driving Classes

Driving Courses include:

  • Defensive Driving Class
  • CEVO II Police
  • CEVO 4 Ambulance
  • CEVO 3 Fire
  • Coaching the Van Driver 3
  • Transporting Passengers with Special Needs 2
  • Coaching the Straight Truck Driver 


Need loss control services?  Contact one of the following:

Michael Ray Safety & Loss Control Manager 502-234-5060
Steve Morrison Safety & Loss Control Specialist 502-234-5044
Dwayne Litton Safety & Loss Control Specialist 502-234-5042
Steve Clary Safety & Loss Control Specialist 502-234-5046
Phil Crumpton ​Law Enforcement Specialist 502-234-5040


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