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Wheeler discusses annexation with county officials

State senator from Pike County is member of annexation task force

The issue of annexation was top of mind for many county officials at the annual joint summer conference hosted by the Kentucky County Judge/Executive Association (KCJEA) and the Kentucky Magistrates and Commissioners Association (KMCA) this week in Lexington.

During a state legislative update presentation, Sen. Phillip Wheeler, who is also a member of the General Assembly’s annexation task force, said he’s looking forward to identifying a fair solution for both city and county governments. 

“I know you want your cities to thrive, but the cities can’t thrive at the expense of the counties,” Wheeler said. “We need to come up with reasonable fiscal policies of shared growth and shared prosperity.”

Annexation is the process of extending a city’s corporate boundary. State lawmakers passed SB 141 earlier this year, which placed a one-year limited pause on city annexations and created a ten-member task force of legislators to review the effects of annexation. The task force will hold its first meeting on June 30.

Wheeler told conference attendees that task force members will approach their work with an open mind. He encouraged county officials to be in contact with legislators.

“Input from you guys as to what you need, is something that I would like to hear from you all,” Wheeler said. “If you have an idea, if you have a concern, please reach out to me.”

Judge/Executive Dan Ison of Shelby County also stressed the importance of staying engaged and county officials being present in Frankfort during the annexation task force meetings. 

“We’ve got to be a part of this. It’s not a fight,” Ison said. “Do not look at it as a fight. Look at the issues that are impacting you every day.” 

The first Annexation Task Force meeting will take place on June 30 at 1 p.m. EDT. Learn more here.

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