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KAVIS Toolkit for County Officials


Migrating to the new Kentucky Automated Vehicle Information System (KAVIS) will likely create some challenges for county clerk offices and customers during the statewide shutdown of vehicle services. 

This Communications Toolkit includes an FAQ page, social media graphics and editable posters that county officials can use to help spread the word about the closure and KAVIS upgrade. Suggested ways county officials can share this information include:

  • Websites and social media - Post frequent updates.
  • Updates to phone system - If you have an automated phone system, make sure your hours of operation are updated.
  • News media - Be available for interviews and encourage multiple story updates throughout early January.
  • Fellow county and city officials - Ask them to share this information during public meetings, on their social media platforms, newsletters, etc.
  • Local businesses and civic groups
  • Printed materials - Post materials in highly visible places.


Frequently Asked Questions


Suggested talking points for residents and media

Information about renewals, title transfers and disabled parking permit applications. County clerks may want to copy these FAQs to their own website or link directly to the page below.

Click here for FAQs


Social Media Graphics and Suggested Language


Graphic 1 - Expect Delays (download here)

  • Suggested social media post:

Nobody likes a traffic jam, but during Kentucky's statewide transition to a new vehicle information system, you make experience delays in renewing your car registration or transferring a vehicle title.

The _____ County Clerk’s office will be CLOSED to all vehicle services until Jan. ____. We appreciate your patience as the entire state migrates to a new vehicle database.

Please check back for updates, call our office at __________ or visit [shortened website link] for more information.


Graphic 2 – All Way Stop (download here)

  • Suggested social media post:

Kentucky is currently migrating more that 350 million vehicle records to a new computer database. During the launch of this new system, the following services are temporarily unavailable:

  • Vehicle registration renewals
  • New titles and transfers
  • New license plates
  • Motor vehicle lien filings and releases
  • Disabled parking permits 

This statewide shutdown affects all county clerk offices. Online processing of vehicle registration renewals will resume Jan. 8, while in-person services at the ____ County Clerk’s office are anticipated to resume Jan. ____.


Graphic 3 – Stop: Call Before You Go (download here)

  • Suggested social media post:

Ready to renew your car or truck registration? STOP! The motor vehicle department at the ____ County Clerk’s office is currently closed due to a statewide system shutdown.

As Kentucky migrates to a new vehicle database, we are unable to process registration renewals, title transfers, vehicle lien releases and applications for disabled parking permits.

Services will resume gradually across the state, and we anticipate in-person services will be available as early as Jan. ____. Please check back with this office for updates and thank you for your patience.


Graphic 4 – Call Before You Go Yellow (download here)

  • Suggested social media post:

Save yourself a trip to the county clerk’s office and call before you go! Kentucky is launching a new vehicle information system and that will limit the services available, including registration renewals, new license plates and title transfers.

The online renewal system is expected to reopen on Jan. 8 and in-person services at the _____ County Clerk will resume _______. Please contact us if you have questions or visit the website below for more information. [Link to FAQ page, clerk’s website or]



These posters are available as a Microsoft Word file to allow county clerks to insert specific information, dates and times relevant to their office.


Poster 1 - Notice of shutdown (single page) 

  • Download here - File may save to your downloads folder or open in Word






Poster 2 - Notice of shutdown (two pages) 

  • Download here - File may save to your downloads folder or open in Word




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