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What you can do to fight spread of Hepatitis A in your county
Health officials are urging county officials to be more active and increase prevention measures for the Hepatitis A virus that is continuing to spread through county jails, local restaurants and essentially throughout the state.

State Senate and House not in session Friday
Winter Storm Warning for Frankfort cancels legislative session Jan. 12.

SB 25
A bill that would give fiscal courts veto power over new or increasing taxes and fees has passed a Senate committee.

HB 75
LRC eNews: Robert Weber

HB 61
Criminals who try to murder a peace officer or firefighter should serve the majority of their sentence according to a bill that gained initial approval in committee.

HB 124 Opioid Crisis
Robert Weber LRC

Election bill passes senate
A bill to change state office elections to even numbered years moves to the House.

Bill expands definition of what jail canteen funds
Bill expands definition of what jail canteen funds may be used for while maintaining the intent to use the funds for the benefit of prisoners in those jails.

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