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Transportation funding bill filed by Rep. Sal Santoro (HB 561)

Jennifer Burnett
On Tuesday, Representative Sal Santoro filed House Bill 561 which increases the gas tax, adds fees for electric vehicles and modifies the state’s road funding formulas.

Increased transportation funding is the #1 legislative priority for counties for the 2021 session.

House Bill 561:

  • Sets the gas tax at an initial base rate of $0.346/gallon (currently at $0.246/gallon) and adjusts the rate annually.
  • Establishes a $150 annual highway user fee for electric vehicles.
  • Establishes an annual highway preservation fee for vehicles with a fuel efficiency rating above 30 miles per gallon ($35 for vehicles with a rating between 30-39 miles per gallon and $40 for vehicles with a rating above 40 miles per gallon).
  • Increases various fees collected by County Clerks (vehicle registration fees, special license plate fees and state traffic school).

“Counties are literally where the rubber meets the road on this issue,” said KACo Executive Director Jim Henderson. “Counties maintain nearly half of all public roads and one-third of all bridges in Kentucky.”

Without adequate funding, Kentucky’s transportation system continues to fall behind.

“The gas tax is absolutely the fairest tax paid by any citizen. It is 100 percent paid by those who use the roads and bridges,” said Henderson. “And now, with this bill, electric vehicles will also pay for a share of their use as well. HB 561 is long overdue and we are grateful to our county champion on this KACo initiative, Rep. Sal Santoro.”

Bottom line for counties

House Bill 561 raises desperately-needed revenue for county road aid. The bill will result in an estimated $44.4 million boost to county road aid, or an increase of 34 percent.

Call your legislator TODAY and ask them to support House Bill 561 and encourage them to sign on as a co-sponsor.

If you have cell phone numbers, use those. If not, use the hotline number below to leave a message.

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