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How often have you found yourself driving behind a large truck or bus?

It’s a pretty common occurrence. What many drivers forget, though, is that truck and bus drivers have blind spots all around their large vehicles. These blind spots can prevent the driver from seeing your vehicle traveling alongside them.

Follow these rules of the road:

  • When behind a semitrailer, follow at a distance that allows you to see both of the truck’s outside mirrors. If you can’t see both, know the driver can’t see you, either.
  • When passing a large vehicle, don’t cut back into the lane without being able to see the front tires of the truck or bus on the pavement in your inside rearview mirror.
  • Large vehicles need more room to make turns. If the vehicle is signaling a right turn, stay behind it and away from the side of the road until the turn is completed.
  • Remember: The larger the vehicle and the higher the speed, the longer it takes a large vehicle to stop.

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