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Reducing cybersecurity risks in your office

This page includes links to resources related to the KACo Leadership Institute course held on May 12, 2021 on cybersecurity.

On May 12, 2021, KACo hosted a virtual training called, "Reducing cybersecurity risks in your office". This class was designed to educate county officials about cybersecurity risks in today’s workplace and how to avoid common pitfalls. A demonstration of the eRiskHub site, a resource provided to KACo members, was included in the training. Education and having a strong plan in place is key to reducing cybersecurity risks for your county and employees. 

You can view a full recording of the session here


  • Mark Greisiger, President, Net Diligence
  • Mike Richoux, Account and Project Manager, Net Diligence eRisk Hub Support Team
  • Jeremy Head, KACo Claims Manager

Meeting materials

  • Download a copy of the presentation here.

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