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No rate increases for members of KACo’s Unemployment Insurance program

By Susan Riddell, Editor
Unemployment Insurance (UI) Premiums were mailed out last week, and UI Board Chairman and Boyle County Magistrate Phil Sammons is happy to report there were no rate increases for any of the fund’s members.

Many members even saw a rate decrease.

“I am proud to be associated with such professional people at KACo, and I am honored to tell the members across the state that most counties will see a rate reduction on their UI Premium this year,” Sammons said. “Counties have had a tough time lately with everything going on, and it’s important to note when good things like this happen.”

Other members of the UI Board are (Vice-chair) Larry Foxworthy (Fleming County Judge/Executive), David Fields (Pendleton County Judge/Executive), David Livingston (Scott County Magistrate), David Nicholson (Jefferson County Circuit Court Clerk), Jacqalynn Riley (Grant County Magistrate) and John Ward (Hardin County Sheriff).

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