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New law enforcement COVID-19 response policy

Jennifer Burnett
The purpose of this policy is to outline considerations with respect to law enforcement operations during this ongoing state of emergency.

Law enforcement, like healthcare, is an an essential function during the current state of emergency.

As with other emergencies and natural disasters, consideration has to be given to how law enforcement will function during the emergency. In order to maintain a high level of public safety, it is essential that law enforcement consider how operations will impact close contact spread of COVID-19 and what steps can be considered to aid in controlling the virus, while maintaining the public safety. 

In collaboration with the Legal & Liability Risk Management Institute, KACo has released a policy document that covers:

  • How to protect yourself from exposure
  • Recommended Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Procedures if close contact occurred during apprehension
  • Triaging Calls: Prioritization of calls for service
  • Consideration of limiting pro-active enforcement
  • Consideration of handling calls where no one is in danger online via department website or telephonically

Download a copy of the policy HERE

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