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More counties eligible to apply for state’s HB 9 grant matching program

Kentucky Department for Local Government reviewing proposals


The number of Kentucky counties eligible to participate in a new program aimed at helping local governments and nonprofits secure federal grants has more than doubled.

Rep. Jason Petrie, chair of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee, said 54 counties are now included in the Government Resources Accelerating Needed Transformation (GRANT) program, adding to the 41 counties initially named to the program. Eleven additional counties are home to designated energy communities that are also eligible to participate.

The GRANT program is the product of HB 9, which was sponsored by Rep. Richard Heath during the 2023 legislative session. It allows eligible entities to apply for state funding through the Kentucky Department of Local Government (DLG). That money can then be used as the local match often required by federal grants. 

The General Assembly initially appropriated $2 million to cover DLG’s administrative costs of reviewing and processing the grants. Petrie is now encouraging local governments and nonprofits to identify federal grant opportunities and submit their applications so lawmakers will have a better understanding of funding needs headed into the 2024 session.

“We're not looking for beautification of a flower garden somewhere,” Petrie said. “We're looking for bigger grants, we're looking for transformational thought process at the county and city levels. I'm hoping that you'll find the largest grants available with the most transformational and foundational goods and values for your communities that you can possibly find.”

The expanded GRANT program eligibility list was announced during a virtual town hall hosted by KACo to update county, city and area development district officials about the program and application process. Click here to watch a recording of the presentation

The GRANT program application is located here:

HB 9 GRANT Program Map

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