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Legislative Action Alert: Time is running out this session for funding county roads and bridges

The gas tax must be addressed now.
Increased funding to improve Kentucky’s infrastructure has been the top priority of KACo for years now - along with a huge coalition of public and private partners - with no progress in the General Assembly.

Kentucky continues to fall behind, and yet this issue continually has been put on the back burner. Counties cannot afford to wait any longer.

Tuesday, Feb. 16, is the last day in this session for bills to be filed, and we don’t have a good indication the gas tax bill will be one of them. Without action on this issue in 2021, the legislature will have, for the fourth year, chosen not to take action on this important issue.

Contact your legislators today, and demand that they fund county roads and bridges.

If you have cell phone numbers, use those. If not, use the hotline number below to leave a message.

Legislative Message Line


Read a copy of this urgent legislative action alert here

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