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KACo Leadership Institute: Elections and Voting

This page includes links to resources related to the KACo Leadership Institute course held on August 24, 2021 about voting and elections in Kentucky.

This session covered over a review of changes to voting and election procedures in Kentucky, including recent legislative changes. Topics included photo ID, provisional ballots, early voting, absentee voting, ballot harvesting, vote centers, voter roll cleanup, paper ballots, election machine funding and more.


  • Jenni Scutchfield, Assistant Secretary of State and General Counsel
  • Chris Cockrell, Montgomery County Clerk
  • Tabatha Clemons, Grant County Clerk


  • Kentucky Election Law Update (Schutchfield) - download here
  • HB 574 from 2021 Session (Clemons and Cockrell) - download here

Session Recording

You can view a full recording of the session here


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