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KACo Finance Corporation announces closing of 2023 Series C Bond Issue

By Grant Satterly, Director of Financing Services
This bond issue was highly successful, funding valuable projects for five counties.

KACo can assist members in financing a wide variety of capital projects at very attractive interest rates by using its own funds to provide additional collateral to investors.

This additional security allows each participant the ability to borrow at a credit rating of AA- from Standard & Poor’s Rating agency.

S&P Global Ratings is an American credit rating agency that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks, bonds and commodities.

Earlier this month, the KACo Finance Corporation closed a third bond issue of 2023 that was highly successful, funding valuable projects for five counties.

The sale provided the participants with the following results:

Lee County is receiving $280,000 over seven years with a true interest cost at 3.43%. The funds will go toward HVAC replacement and roofing needs.

Marion County is receiving $6.6 million over 30 years with a true interest cost of 4.2% for a recreational complex and animal shelter building.

Morgan County will improve county roads with $1.575 million over 10 years and a 3.35% true interest cost.

The largest financial support goes to Kenton County/Northern Kentucky to build an office building with an amount of $9.18 million over 30 years at 4.25%.

Finally, the Warren County Health District is financing $6.73 million over 20 years at 3.94% for a district health building.

If you have questions about using this program, contact Financial Services Director Grant Satterly at 502-223-7667 or email him at

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