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Data Brief: County Property Tax Rates

By Kayla Carter Smith, Policy Analyst
2023 fiscal court real property tax rates.

Property taxes are a form of an ad valorem tax which is a tax based on assessed monetary value. Fiscal courts levy property taxes on real property, such as land and buildings, and tangible property, such as motor vehicles and equipment.

  • All 120 counties levy property taxes.
  • Real property makes up the largest source of property tax revenue: real property tax revenue* in FY 2022 was $225.2 million while total property tax revenue was $290.4 million.
  • In 2023, fiscal court real property tax rates range from 3.2 cents/$100 of assessed value to 44 cents/$100 assessed value, with a median rate of 10.6 cents/$100 assessed value.
  • County reliance on property tax revenue has declined over the past decade. In FY 2010, property taxes made up 42.6 percent of county* tax revenue. By FY 2022, property taxes made up only 35.1 percent of county tax revenue.

*Excluding Fayette and Jefferson counties.

Download the brief here.

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