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Crumb rubber, asphalt and recycling grants open for counties

By Susan Riddell, Editor
Funding award date is dependent on closeout of previous year's grant.

There are several grant opportunities for counties through the Kentucky Energy and Environmental Cabinet. Three of those are currently open to eligible applicants.

Rubber Modified Asphalt Grant (May 1 deadline)

Grant funding will be made available to counties local road projects that use asphalt modified with rubber from finely ground waste tires. Applications must be received by May 1.

​"The division is excited to offer these grants to Kentucky counties," said Tammi Hudson,  director of the Division of Waste Management. “We believe rubber-modified asphalt can provide several benefits, including promoting a cost-effective, performance-enhancing additive for county paving projects, and improving end-use markets for recycled tires which can lead to better waste tire management across the Commonwealth."

Crumb Rubber - Tire Derived Product Grant (April 3 deadline)

The cabinet will provide grant funding for landscaping mulch projects, walking trails, poured-in-place playgrounds, sidewalks or other surfaces, horse trailer or stall mats, tree wells or other products utilizing recycled Kentucky tires, according to a cabinet press release.

“Communities across Kentucky are using this grant program on innovative uses of recycled tires,” Energy and Environment Cabinet Secretary Rebecca Goodman said. “As a result, we’re able to recycle tires across the state and minimize illegal dumps.”

Recycling, HHW, Composting Grants (April 1 deadline)

The Division of Waste Management offers three competitive grant programs available to counties through the Kentucky Pride Fund to develop integrated recycling/composting infrastructure and promote the proper disposal of hazardous household chemicals. 

Grants - Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet

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