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County Insurance Premium Taxes

This page includes links to resources related to insurance premium taxes including county rates, estimated revenues, a presentation from the Department of Insurance and more.

On Feb. 22, 2021, KACo held a virtual training on insurance premium taxes, led by John Hord, Insurance Program Manager with the Kentucky Department of Insurance. You can access a recording of that session here.



More resources from the Department of Insurance

County Rates and Revenues

Insurance premium taxes are one of the top three revenue sources for Kentucky counties. For FY 2020-2021, 45 counties administered an insurance premium tax in at least one category. Including Jefferson ($63.2 million) and Fayette ($35.9 million), county insurance premium tax revenues for FY 2020 totaled $161.5 million.

  • County insurance premium taxes fall into seven categories:
  • Fire and Allied Perils (45 counties)           
  • Casualty Liability Only (45 counties)        
  • Vehicle (45 counties)
  • Inland Marine (45 counties)
  • Health (7 counties)
  • Life (22 counties)
  • All Other Risk Taxed (43 counties)

All 45 counties tax at least 5 of these categories. The most frequently excluded category is health insurance followed by life insurance. Tax rates range from 2 to 10 percent, with an average rate across all categories of 6 percent.

Download a list of 2020-2021 county insurance premium tax rates and revenues here

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