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ARPA reporting deadline April 30, 2023

The reporting portal for counties to submit their annual and quarterly Project and Expenditure (P&E) Reports opened this week.

All counties must submit a P&E Report by April 30, 2023.

Please note that there is new information that is required for these April P&E Reports. Counties are now required to include the following information (these requirements DO NOT apply to expenditures that are paid for using lost revenue – EC 6.1):

Unique Entity ID Requirements for Subrecipients and Contractors

All subrecipients and contractors are required to have a Unique Entity ID (UEI) and have that number included as part of the reporting process. The UEI is the replacement for the previously used DUNS numbers, and they are issued by While this requirement is not new, starting in April 2023’s P&E Report the report form will now return an error when no valid UEI is provided when creating new Subrecipient or Contractor entities. This was previously not explicitly required, but strongly urged by Treasury.

  • Treasury has stated that for the April 2023 P&E reporting form, if a pre-existing subrecipient or contractor record does not have a UEI, the system will simply flag it as a warning but not prevent them from submission of the entire P&E report.
  • However, ANY NEW subrecipient or contractor records will be required to have their UEIs provided and they cannot create those entities without one.
  • Treasury has stated they DO NOT KNOW how long they will be able to keep this flexibility available after April 2023 so counties should get their UEIs together ASAP.

New Subaward/Direct Payments Entity Type

All Subawards/Direct Payments records will be required to have an “entity type” selected before a subaward can be created. This field will capture whether the entity receiving the award or payment is a Subrecipient, Contractor, or Beneficiary. If a county attempts to create a new subaward for a subrecipient without a populated entity type field will result in an error. 

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