Welcome to the KACo County Salary Explorer. In 2019, KACo launched the county salary survey, asking county officials to provide salary information for county employees. Seventy-seven counties provided data, which are included in this database.

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Data Sources:

County salaries – all information is self-reported as collected by KACo via survey from June – Oct. 2019

General fund budget - FY2018 quarterly financial reporting to the Department for Local Government (Uniform Financial Information Report); 117 Counties reported information to DLG in FY2018. Wolfe County did not report for 2018 and therefore 2016 data are used, which is the most recent year for which data are available. Data for Jefferson and Fayette Counties are from FY2018 Adopted Budgets posted online. General Fund revenue includes budgeted revenues reported under general fund for major object codes 4100-4999. This includes taxes, in lieu tax payments, excess fees, license and permits, intergovernmental revenues, charges for services, miscellaneous revenues, and interest earned, and surplus, borrowing and transfers.

County population – U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 estimated population

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