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2023 Legislative Session


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Top issues for Kentucky counties in the 2023 legislative session

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County Revenue Alternatives

KACo supports efforts to pass a constitutional amendment that would allow the General Assembly to consider additional local tax options in the future to meet the needs of each county.

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Funding County Transportation 

KACo supports distributing Kentucky’s electric vehicle fee and charging station tax through the current revenue sharing formula to ensure that counties receive a portion of these funds.

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County Jails

KACo supports requiring the state to reimburse counties for any credit given to an inmate for time already served in a county jail pre-adjudication that the inmate receives at sentencing.

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Leveling the Playing Field

KACo supports:
• Allowing local decisions on tax rates and collection that are currently authorized for cities but forbidden for county governments to be made equitable for all local governments.
• Requiring cities that annex county land to hold county revenues in that area harmless on tax collected before annexation.
• Repealing the arbitrary 30,000 population threshold and mandatory credit to the city for occupational tax collected within city limits.
• Repealing the mandatory credit to the city for insurance premium tax collected within city limits.

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Disaster Preparedness and Response

KACo supports expanded resources for counties during a declared emergency to ensure continuity of government services and public safety response.

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Operational Efficiency

KACo supports repealing the arbitrary 80,000 population threshold and supports permitting all counties to publish public notices on their website instead of using taxpayer dollars to pay to print the notices in a local newspaper.

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