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2022 Legislative Session


Issue and Policy Briefs

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2022 County Legislative Priorities


Educate and Inform

Telling the county story
Prioritize telling the county story to policymakers, including the constitutionally required duties counties must perform on behalf of Kentucky.

Ensure that policymakers understand the implications and limitations on ARPA funding flowing to counties.


County Jails

Cost Shifting
Seek an increase in the per diem reimbursement rate for state inmates in county jails and seek reimbursement when state inmates receive credit for time served.

Pursue fulfillment of the $6 million appropriated for FY2021 and $5.9 million for FY2022 to defray COVID-19 related expenditures for county jails.



Increased Revenue
Advocate for increased funding for county roads and bridges, including an increase in the gas tax.

Electric Vehicles
Develop a proactive model for the collection of electric vehicle fees that includes a direct distribution to counties.


Criminal Justice Reform

Video Arraignment
Support efforts to find technologically driven solutions to reduce costs and risks for county-administered criminal justice operations, including video arraignment.

Collaborate with officials to develop criminal justice reforms that improve outcomes for inmates, reduce recidivism and reduce costs including substance abuse and mental health treatment options.



Revenue and Budgets

County Options
Pursue options to improve county revenue flexibility and diversification.

Budgets and Funding
Actively oppose any unfunded mandates passed from the state to counties.

County Audits
Work to maintain transparency and increase efficiency while reducing costs of required county audits, including expansion of competitive, market-based solutions.

Court Security Officers
Advocate for an increase in the hourly rate reimbursement for Court Security Officers, currently at $9 an hour.