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2020-21 KACo President

Reagan Taylor
Madison County Judge/Executive

Reagan Taylor’s KACo Executive Committee service began with a coin flip. Now, he is president of KACo.

With votes tied for second vice president, a coin was flipped to determine the winner. Taylor prevailed in that coin flip back in 2017, and he was sworn in as president during 2020’s 46th Annual KACo Conference in October.

Along with serving as the 2020-21 president, Taylor chairs the legislative committee and is on the Board of Directors. He serves on four more KACo boards including the Commonwealth Insurance Company Board, the Finance Corporation Board, the Insurance Agency Board and the Leasing Trust Board.

Taylor has served as Madison County judge/executive since 2015. As judge/executive of one of the fastest growing counties in the state, Madison County boasts more than 100,000 residents, including 17,000 students from Eastern Kentucky University and Berea College. 

During his time as judge/executive, Taylor has been instrumental in shepherding various projects to completion including road and bridge projects like the Exit-95 corridor exchange, modernizing the interaction between county government and residents through technology, addressing community drug addiction, and attracting and recruiting top companies to Madison County.

Taylor believes community service is critical to a healthy community. He serves on a variety of local and state boards including Kentucky River Foothills, Saint Joseph Hospital, Madison County Health Department and Madison County Cooperative Extension. 

A lifelong Madison County resident, Judge Taylor started his career as an entrepreneur, starting his own construction and real estate company prior to shifting to a career in public service.

Taylor and his wife, Kelly, have two daughters, Katherine and Natalie.





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