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Treasurer, Clark County Fiscal Court

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Clark County Fiscal Court
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Appointed by the Fiscal Court for a four-year term and in accordance with established governmental finance procedures, Kentucky Revised Statutes and the direction of the fiscal court, the county treasurer shall receive, receipt, disburse and account for all money due the county from its collecting officers or from any other persons whose duty it is to pay money into the county treasury; and performs related work as required.


  • Serves as the financial officer of the county.
  • Responsible for performing all duties imposed on the office by KRS 68.020, including oversight and maintenance of required financial records for all accounts.
  • Ensures all county revenues are received from collection officers and other persons whose duty it is to provide payment to the county.
  • Ensures all county expenditures are in compliance with the adopted county budget.
  • Cosigns all warrants or checks for county funds.
  • Maintains all required journals and ledgers, including, but not limited to, a cash receipt ledger, appropriation ledger, general ledger, check distribution ledger and an investments journal.
  • Ensures individual accounts are maintained for the general fund, road and bridge fund, jail fund and other funds as required by the state local finance officer.
  • Responsible for reconciliation of bank statements; preparation of monthly financial report for the fiscal court and jailer; preparation of quarterly financial reports for the fiscal court and the state local finance officer; preparation of an annual financial statement in compliance with KRS 424.220 and an annual settlement with the fiscal court.
  • Responsible for preparation of a quarterly financial report.
  • Assists the judge/executive in development of the annual budget.
  • Serves as grant administrator and maintains funding manual ledger required by auditor.
  • Prepares necessary documentation, memoranda and reports on all activities.
  • Participates in appropriate training courses.
  • Performs related duties as assigned.

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Training and Experience. Graduation from an accredited high school or equivalent (GED) supplemented by at least two years of progressively responsible accounting and bookkeeping experience including computer skills. Special Necessary Requirement(s): Must be a citizen of Kentucky, at least 25 years old or has obtained a baccalaureate level degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. Must meet further statutory requirements of the Kentucky Revised Statutes, specifically Chapter 68, including the ability to be bonded. Special Knowledge, Skills and Abilities: Extensive knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping tax laws and reports, statutory limitations and requirements involved in handling public funds. Extensive knowledge of County Fiscal Policies. Extensive knowledge of systems used in controlling the receipt and disbursement of public funds. Thorough knowledge of the organization and functions of County government. Ability to compile and analyze financial records. Ability to maintain effective working relationships with officials, employees and the public. Impartiality. Dependability. Resourcefulness. Tact. Accuracy. Neatness. Thoroughness. Mature judgment. Integrity.

Janet Townsend,
Kentucky Association of Counties
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