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School safety, ‘In God We Trust’ measures signed into law
A ceremonial signing of a bill by Gov. Matt Bevin that some lawmakers consider the most important legislation they’ve passed in years took place at the Capitol Rotunda on Wednesday.
Nearly $17 million in county bank franchise tax revenue remains safe after legislative fix
A drafting error put local bank franchise taxes in jeopardy, but recent legislation resolves the issue, saving counties millions of dollars.
Lawmakers pass public pension plan in late-night session
Health departments, regional public universities and other quasi-governmental agencies will have to vote to stay in KRS with a frozen contribution rate for one year.
Sine Die: 2019 Session Wraps Up
The General Assembly's 2019 session came to a close Thursday evening with more than 200 bills approved.
Kentucky counties among highest in opioid prescriptions
In almost 1/3 of Kentucky counties, enough opioid prescriptions were dispensed in 2017 for every person in the county to have one. That being said, opioid prescriptions are declining in the state.
Bevin vetoes public pension bill, plans to call special session
Gov. Matt Bevin vetoed House Bill 358 which would have affected county health departments, regional public universities and other quasi-governmental agencies.
What you need to know about Bevin's likely special pension session
Bevin vetoed a pension bill that would affect county health departments and intends to call a special session to address that legislation. Some health departments say they'll have to close without some pension relief.
16 counties targeted for help through $87 million grant awarded to U.K.
The University of Kentucky has been awarded an $87 million federal grant – the largest in the institution’s history – to reduce opioid deaths by 40 percent in 16 counties in the Commonwealth.