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SB 9/ HB 114 TVA Bill
Senate Bill 9/House Bill 114 would allocate more dollars to be sent back to 39 counties in Kentucky for economic development.

SB 72
The time-honored tradition of naming state buildings and roads after living politicians in Kentucky would be curtailed under a bill approved by a state Senate committee today.

SB 37
Some prisoners in work programs or re-entry initiatives could soon be behind the wheel on Kentucky’s roadways if a bill a state Senate committee approved today becomes law.

SB 25
A bill that would give fiscal courts veto power over new or increasing taxes and fees has passed a Senate committee.

HCR 34 Medical Marijuana
The Kentucky House wants the federal government to accelerate research on the “safety and effectiveness” of medical marijuana.

HB 61
Criminals who try to murder a peace officer or firefighter should serve the majority of their sentence according to a bill that gained initial approval in committee.

HB 75 update
A bill that would give local governments more ways to increase revenue is on its way to the Senate after passing the House by 95-0 vote.

HB 124 Opioid Crisis
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